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26/9/2005: Me and all my family members are on our way sending my mom to KLIA. She's going to further her studies to Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. She's further her masters in Msc in clothing management at Heriott-Watt University. i cant even control my tears at that time. she arrived the next day and for all yoy know,she's the only malay student in Heriot-Watt University,Galashiels at that time. thats the hardest part for her though.

28/2/2006: This is it. This is the day where me,my lil sis and my dad were about to leave Malaysia. My dad spent his 3 whole weeks holiday in Galashiels and he'll be back to Malaysia after that. What about me and my lil sis? we were gonna spent the entire year in Galashiels. its been really hard for of us to leaving my dad, my 2 brothers and my eldest sister here in Malaysia. We were arrived the next day and it was winter. The temperature was -10 degree celcius. it was freaking freezing and i cant even talk properly. and that was the 1st time i saw smoke came out from my mouth.hahaha.pretty jakon kot.

The picture above are my mom and my sis, Kak Shelly. They had gathered together with the rest of Malaysian students when the end of the year 2005 during HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI in LONDON. I miss them very badly though. This is the 1st time we haven't celebrating HARI RAYA together as a family.

25/5/2006: We were struggling planning about our vacation this summer. So,we have decide to spent our holidays in LONDON,one of the fashion capital in the world. Its been a blast since we've got there. The weather is just nice.You know, not too cold and not too warm. I'm extremely excited with all the old amazing building in LONDON. Then we spent 3 days and 2 nights in MALAYSIAN HALL, LONDON. MALAYSIAN HALL is the place where Malaysian students gathering during festive season. But this time,me, my mom and my lil sis spent our nights in MALAYSIAN HALL because its the room charges affordable for all Malaysian students. I still remember NASI LEMAK costs us like £ 3.50 and when we converted to Malaysian currency around RM24.50 per nasi lemak. Our currency times by 7 at that time. hahaha. Mahal gile kn?

Aaarrggghh!!! Its really killing me when i had noticed that all boutiques are in a huge SALE!!! There are many designer boutiques in LONDON street. For instance, DIOR, PRADA, BURBERRYS, GUCCI as well as the ordinary fashion boutiques like ZARA, MISS SELFRIDGE, TOPSHOP, DEBENHAMS, H&M, NEXT, GAP, DOROTHY PERKINS, MARKS&SPENCER etc.

This is my mom when she spent spring season without us. 1st time i saw this picture, I hardly to believed that those flowers are actually real and fresh flowers. Its freaking beautiful though when I'm actually seen those flowers with my own eyes. Its pretty hard to find those fresh flowers in Malaysia. hahaha. I'm having blast experiencing all 4 seasons. hahhaa. best gle kot.

The picture above are when the 1st day we're going to school. hahaha nerdy. yeah, it was the 1st day and what do u expect? hahaa. On our 1st day at school, I can't hardly understand what they're talking about. Its was extremely hard for us to understand their BRITISH accent. But we've managed to understand after 2 days at school. This schhol is called GALASHIELS ACADEMY. All student are very welcoming, kind, funny and with the helpful teacher. I'm going to missed the moments though which I already did.

hahaha the picture above are taken when we're can't stand the freezing of the weather. Our hands and entire body are like shaking and shivering at that time even though I'm wearing a 4 layers of cashmere long sleeves shirt. I can't even talk. Then we grabbed a cup of coffee and hot chocolate. After shopping all the stuffs for our family members in Malaysia, we're about to leave this town and spent the nights in our beloved home in LANGLEE, GALASHIELS. What a day. This is the best experienced ever!!!

The picture above tells us a story when me, my dad, my mom and my sis visiting EDINBURGH CASTLE, SCOTLAND. The blue-face guy is reminds us BRAVE HEART, the history of their country. Its cool huh? love him when he make that funny face. All those pictures shown below are taken in EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND, UK. I'm really hoping that u guys enjoyed after reading my posts. Thank and Enjoy peoples.

This is the 1st time ever I've been to foreign country. It was a coolest thing ever. Even though people might say they prefer to stay at foreign country but for me, Malaysia is way better than a foreign country.

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