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This is the best teenage drama series that i ever seen and it's called THE HILLS. i wanna share with all of u about this awesome drama. it's real life drama staring Lauren Conrad which is former Laguna Beach star. trust me peeps. once u watch this series drama, u'll loved it to death. get it a try. at the moment,i give u the summary of THE HILLS.
The Hills purports to be a reality television program that follows the personal lives of several young people living in Los Angeles, California. The program premiered on May 31, 2006, and followed the personal life of former Laguna Beach star, Lauren Conrad and her friends, and their new lives in Los Angeles. However, after 5 seasons, Conrad chose to leave the series, and it was confirmed that another former Laguna Beach star, Kristin Cavallari would replace Conrad starting in the second half of season 5. On July 16, 2009, Cavallari announced that she signed a contract for two more seasons following the fifth season. On December 1, 2009, Cavallari announced on the MTV season finale that there will be a sixth season. On January 13, 2010, the cast began filming Season 6.


Season 1 of The Hills

introduced us to all of the characters and story lines.

First there is

Lauren Conrad, who recently moved from Orange County to Hollywood in order to go to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and grab an internship at Teen Vogue. She is trying to juggle school, her internship, friendship with her new roommate Heidi Montag, and relationship, particularly with Jason, a guy from her past who she decides to get back together with. At the end of the season, Lauren turns down a chance to go work at Paris Vogue for the summer to stay behind with Jason at his Malibu beach house, although their relationship has been rocky for quite some time.

Next there is Heidi Montag. Like Lauren, she starts going to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, but soon drops out to pursue her dream of working for an event-planning company, Bolthouse Productions. Her relationship with boyfriend Jordan soon ends but her career begins to take off as she gets promoted.

Along the way, Lauren and Heidi make friends, whose story lines are eventually added to the show. There is Whitney Port, Lauren’s friend from Teen Vogue, and Audrina Patridge, who hangs out with both girls at their apartment and parties with them.


Season 2, in my humble opinion, has a lot more drama than Season 1. Lauren breaks up with Jason and throws herself into her internship at Teen Vogue, trying to make up for the fact that she chose a failing relationship over an amazing career opportunity. Heidi is now dating Spencer, who at the beginning of the season is cheating on her with Audrina. Audrina and Heidi don’t speak for a while because of this. Finally Heidi realizes that Audrina is not at fault – that Spencer is the one lying.

Later on Spencer promises to stop messing around behind Heidi’s back, and they get back together. The only problem is that Spencer and Lauren do NOT get along, throwing a growing rift into Heidi and Lauren’s friendship. It seems Spencer spends a lot of Season 2 trying to get Heidi all to himself and alienate her from Lauren, who obviously has him figured out.

Lauren and Audrina get closer while Heidi spends less and less time with them. Spencer demands all of her free time. Whitney starts trying to get a higher position in Teen Vogue and has to compete with a New York intern named Emily. Much to Lauren’s consternation, Heidi ends up moving in with Spencer. Lauren then asks Audrina to move in with her.


Lauren and Heidi’s friendship is definitely over

because of some rumors that

Lauren believes that Heidi and Spencer started about her regarding a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend. Heidi meanwhile can’t understand why Lauren is mad at her. Spencer proposes to Heidi and they plan a wedding, although their relationship is rocky at times. Spencer gets jealous over the time Heidi spends at work which causes friction between them.

Whitney settles into her new position at Teen Vogue, only to discover a few episodes later that she doesn't want to stay there after all. She gets a new job at a fashion PR firm, People’s Revolution. Lauren joins her there.

Lo Bosworth, a childhood friend of Lauren’s, starts hanging out with Lauren a lot more often. They decide to buy a house in Hollywood together an invite Audrina to move in. But there is growing tension between the three of them as the season comes to an end… Audrina seems to feel weird around Lo.

The season finale has Heidi losing the Vegas account at her job when Spencer goes there (with Stephanie) to get her back. Lauren tearfully confronts

Audrina about the fact that they

haven’t been hanging out much lately although they live together.


The Hills is back for Season 4,
and the girls are beginning to make some big decisions
that will set the course for the rest of their lives. While Lauren
struggles to balance the tension between her roommates,
Audrina and Lo, she starts dating Doug, an old flame from Laguna Beach.Meanwhile, Brody, Audrina and just
about everyone else warn

Lauren not to trust her new friend, Stephanie Pratt (Spencer's sister).

And when Lauren makes a surprising discovery about Stephanie and Doug,

she realises that her friends might be right.

Just as Audrina thinks it's time to let her boyfriend
Justin go and begins dating Colin, Justin turns up the heat in their
relationship, leaving her torn. Whitney rises up the ranks at
People's Revolution much faster than she expected and meets a model in New York who could possibly sweep her off her feet.
And Heidi deals with the consequences of moving back in with

Spencer, including putting her job at risk. As if that wasn't enough,
Heidi's sister Holly comes from Colorado for an indefinite visit, putting some serious pressure on her renewed relationship with Spencer.
During season 4 of The Hills, life in Los Angeles only gets more

complicated as friendships, relationships and loyalties
are tested like never before.


There were no secrets that this was Lauren Conrad's final episode, aside from being the Season 5 finale. Lo and Lauren open the episode with heartfelt conversation about how unclear the future is for them both.

Then the focus turned to the giant Spedi wedding extravaganza. Spencer apologized to his future mother in law, and even procured her blessing on the impending nuptials, promising to have changed into someone new. Later Spence tried to turn his charm onto ex-BFF Brody Jenner, but the Bro-Man was buying it, telling Spence that he was only pretending to have changed.

Hedi made her priorities clear when she let loose her verbal wedding fantasies on Stephanie, telling her the most important part was her white-chocolate, vanilla, mousse, berry princess cake. There was a super awkward moment when Steph was not asked to be maid of honor because Hedi was choosing her sister Holly, which should really not have struck anyone as a surprise. Despite the fact that Holly showed up half an hour late to the bridal shower, created an unneeded scene, staining Hedi's new purse and storming out of the rehearsal dinner in tears, and being an all around absent Maid of Honor, Hedi promised to never “Un-Maid of Honor her”.

Best man, Charlie chose to invite the bartender who sent them to therapy to begin with, but Spencer gave strict instructions to keep her far away from Hedi.

Lauren threw once last party on the eve of her final night in the house she shared with Lo, and once with Audrina. Steph made one last play to get Lauren to come to the wedding, but LC refused on the grounds that she didn't want her presence to lead Hedi to believe there was any kind of approval.

On the day of the wedding,Lauren made a last minute appearance in Hedi's dressing room where the two discussed Hedi's dress and accessories, and how “happy” she is for her old friend, no matter what she is doing.

Meanwhile, Kristin Cavallari makes her grand entrance met with giggles and shock of everyone. Even more drama sparks when Kristin chooses to sit next to Audrina's ex Justin-Bobby, illiciting death stares from the brunette bombshell.

Hedi came down the aisle, looking like a swan princess in her extra-blinged Monique Lhuillier dress, escorted by her Dad wearing a fancy cowboy hat. In a super short ceremony, vows, rings and kisses were undramatically exchanged. Outside Kristin started drama gushing about what a “stand-up” guy Justin-Bobby is, to the dismay of a blind-sided Audrina Partridge. In a very clever twist, Kristin caught the bouquet on the steps of the church, and Lauren made her escape from the madness alone in a town car and the credits rolled on the famed Hollywood sign.

Trailers from next season promise new drama between Audrina and Kristin, with Brody and Stephanie adding fuel to the Justin-Bobby fire.

Fans have mixed feelings about the show without LC. Hopefully MTV is smart enough to make it worth our while.

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